Weary Wednesday – Finally Working on Colorado Photos

Here Kitty Kitty
Here Kitty Kitty

Happy Wednesday Dear Reader,

    I know the headline says weary, and my salutation says happy…but I am weary and as sad as that sounds happy for it. There is no amount of time that could explain this statement or my own struggles, but suffice it to say that even though everything may not be right in the world…I am happy to just be in it. So today I am finally going to start posting the rest of my Colorado trip photos. I will also attempt to identify the places and things correctly, a side effect of putting things off, and coincidentally my biggest pet peeve, but never the less.

     In the meantime I am currently working on a few more Gurushots. This time it is Fun With Shadows, this is a new one for me, because although I am always aware of shadows and how they can be used to enhance, or ruin a photo, I never really thought to make them picturesque. Not to be undone by any challenge I set out looking for opportunities, to advance my shadow skill set and it did not take long before the setting sun and my kitties (KiKi & Aimee), gave me just that opportunity. As always until we meet again…enjoy!


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