Colorado Rocky Mountain High

On Top of The World
On Top of The World

     I recently visited family in Colorado and I have been hoping for the time to post some of my favorite trip photographs. The problem currently is that I cannot put my camera down long enough to edit and post like I would like to. It seems like there is never enough time and there is always something that has to be done now. I am finding that if I do not put aside the time and work on this blog and those edits a little at a time, they will never get done and my pictures will lie there dying in their perspective folders – so to speak.

     I absolutely love Colorado! It is one of my favorite places in the U.S. No amount of picture-taking could ever capture the beauty and total wonder of such wide open and amazing spaces. Mere photos cannot capture the fast beating heart that threatens to pound out of your chest, as your leaning over the edge of a bottomless cliff, trying to catch the right angle on two melting snowmen, that some random visitor left for your amusement. It cannot capture the smell of the worlds freshest air and feeling of heavy lungs from being up so high. I love Colorado and I took many, many photographs, that I will post here in hopes that you might catch just a glimpse of what I saw, and felt…..enjoy!

P.S. This photo should have gone to the trash, mainly due to the random dude in the background….who clearly knew we were taking pics…but hey! Bring on the photo bombers. Photo credit for the above photo of me and my sister belongs to Robert Stark (2015).


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