Pikes Peak Region- Castle Rock, Monument and Colorado Springs

First Stop Castle Rock

     Well I have finally started updating my Colorado Photos. On this day as you may remember, or not, the whole family decided to take a day trip to Colorado springs…our target attraction Garden of the Gods. The first stop was Castle rock, while we did not do anything here I found the sights here just as intriguing.

IMG_3003     Among those were the Air Force Academy stadium, a jumbo jet hidden among the pines, 2 train engines pulling plane bodies, and of course Pikes Peak. The next stop on our day trip was historical Monument…… and finally Colorado Springs.

    As you have seen from prior postings (I know I did this backwards and out of order), my party finally reached the Garden of the Gods. Photos from that leg of the trip can be found under the page: Garden of the Gods.

     Next time I blog, I will take you west of Colorado Springs into Manitou Springs; where we had hoped to squeeze in a few more sights, but ended up getting lost instead, 🙂 smiley face.

     Just for a moment let me veer off this path…. I do not like to use the word lost, but would rather refer to it, as being “misplaced”. Mostly because  it doesn’t sound so irresponsible,  but largely because I have never really ever been lost. Some of the most beautiful sights and greatest memories I have, have happened as a result of being misplaced. Regardless our scenic detour this day ensured that by the time my companions and I made it on the right road, many attractions were already closed. And ss a result I may not have gotten the most scenic or travel worthy photos, but forever the optimist, I found plenty of things worthy of my time and energy. So, until we meet again Dear Reader, I hope you enjoy!


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