Flaggstaff Mountain -Getting Lost Never Felt So Good

Hello again all, I have been absent but for good reason, life.

     Today I am posting more photos of my trip to Colorado. This sunny and beautiful spring day, depicted in my photos, my two com-padres and I took off in search of adventure in Boulder Colorado. Though Flagstaff Mountain was not our intended destination, it was a wonderful place to get turned around, or lost as we sometimes do. Love my sister, but she has no sense of direction.
     Anyway……… If you have ever been to Boulder Colorado, then you know how amazingly beautiful the scenery and mountains are in this city and state. Mere photographs, no matter how detailed and in focus, could ever capture or describe the overwhelming feeling of euphoria that I get from standing out over nothing. The feeling of elated fear that I experience from being so high up, that it takes my breath away and sets free a million butterflies in my stomach (Totally afraid of heights). Maybe it’s just me, because they are just mountains, but this day they were a memory, now set in stone of awesome wonder. I hope that you, dear reader can see and feel even a fraction of what I saw and felt this day. Enjoy!

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