Just A Little About Me

Blood Moon
Blood Moon

     I have been taking pictures since I was 12. My grandparents gave me my first grown-up camera: it was a Kodak 110 camera. It had the weird black plastic cartridge, rather than the roll (canister) type of film. It was not the best or the greatest camera and developing the film was always such a pain, but I loved it!

I immediately wanted to shoot and document everything; too bad most of those photos are long gone, or lost. But for this reason I  thank the Lord for digital cameras (better ways to preserve and save). Yes,  thanks to digital cameras we no longer have to trudge to the store, fill out the envelope and wait weeks for ones photos… only to find that they were horrible. Everyone either had red eyes or they were blinking, and worse yet was the lighting: which had to be utterly perfect…but I digress.

     The point I am trying to make here is, that even with over twenty years experience (truthfully it’s more), I am still an amateur. I am still trying to find my niche, the thing or things I am able to photograph well. I am currently trying to master the Moon, as if that is possible. This morning at 5am I started preparing to shoot the blood moon, which was not red from my vantage point (boo)  but I still managed to take a few decent photos and gain some much needed experience. I am going to keep trying to hone my craft, and isn’t that how we get better? In my case I hope so, because it sure has been long enough.


4 thoughts on “Just A Little About Me

  1. Brittany Douglas

    The moon is awesome right now as I write this,I was going to text you,but it’s almost 2:30 am there.Tomorrow should be about the same.


    1. Britt—-Grab your camera and head outside…the full moon is the best. I am amazed how much I was able to capture through my tiny camera lens….as always don’t forget to share.


  2. Brittany Douglas

    Holy cow,you were busy.It’ll take me half the night to look at all the new pics.Do you mind if I send you a friend request on facebook? 😉


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