Yep it’s finally Friday. I know that I have not been posting much…the weather has much to do with that and I have been busy trying to set up a Facebook page for my photos,    (FYI— In effect I have not done or posted much to my site. And the pictures I have recently taken are out of the norm for me, as I am not a car photographer…But I recently had an opportunity to attend the US Street National’s in Bradenton, Florida and I jumped at the chance to capture the action and share my experience with you.

This was my first attempt with my new camera and lens to see if I could stop the action, or at least freeze it without the blur ruining all my photos. And as you can see from some of the photos…I did not think my first time was all that bad. I have to say that I had no idea that I snapped over a thousand photos….DO NOT PANIC….I will not share them all here. I just am surprised that there were so many cars, trucks, vans, motorcycle’s, dragsters, etc. I could not have picked a better time to go, as you will see the variety of racers was widely varied and just the thing I needed to flex my photographic skills. I cannot wait to go to another race and I hope that you enjoy these photos for what they are: Another learning experience.

Note: I do not know who all the cars belong to. I was there to support Mel Bush’s Racing Team…it is the only one I know, so I did not label the photos or cars…most of them I tried to capture their names, their driver’s or their sponsor’s. If you would like to tag them, or have info that you would like me to include let me know.


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