Happy New Year-ish

Happy New Year.

So much has happened this past holiday season and New Year. Some events I was very much present for, but sadly many were missed out on due to a nasty flu bug. This Christmas I spent with Northern family, first Christmas in many. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the photo opportunities I was presented with. Normally people make a face and emit very heavy sighs, when they see me and my camera…but this time of the year, all anyone wanted were lovely reminders.
This was a good and a bad thing for me, because while I love to photograph things……people are an entirely different animal. In my case the largest formal group of people was fourteen. Try and get fourteen separate, thinking, feeling, human beings…namely children- to do the same thing at the same time..Impossible? Maybe, maybe not. Couple the size and personalities of the group with my nothing is perfect attitude and it surely spells disaster. But for all the worrying and stressing………the experience was a good one. The group enjoyed lots of laughs and made the best of our experience. I want to thank them all for letting me use them as a learning experience and I hope that we can do it again soon. It’s so nice when people support your passion.

Although I know that Christmas is over, I saw so many beautiful trees and decorations that I would still like to share a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


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