Castle Rock, Michigan Continued

Hello Again,

     I just finished editing another batch of Michigan photos, lucky you. As you will remember I was on a Family Event Holiday… and took a chance to visit some touristy Michigan hot spots. This day my companions and I decided to visit a childhood favorite Castle Rock.


Located a few miles north of St. Ignace, Michigan, this world famous, 183 foot stair climb to the top of castle Rock, is a must do for any die hard, cheesy tourist spot fan, like me and my friends.


We had so much fun, we climbed Castle Rock twice ……it was much easier the second time. The views climbing the incredibly steep stairs, up toward the gigantic rock are gorgeous, but the view from the top is spectacular; you can see Lake Huron, view the Mackinac Bridge and see Mackinac Island from this point. These are the days when I wish I had a better camera, with a bigger lens, someday.

Reaching the top, after a few rest-stops, my phone started ringing, we see there is a short walk out to the actual rock formation, that literally made me forget I am afraid of heights. As we stepped up to look over the platform, we could see coins everywhere that visitors toss over the sides as they make their wishes. And yet, can you believe we all reached the summit with no coins in our pockets? We quickly considered the long way back down, and decided to collectively to forego any wishing.

The only thing that would have made this trip better would have been seeing the leaves changing colors throughout the trees from this view point. I will have to visit here again, maybe in October next time. I think that this very cheap and fun family activity is not for everyone, but if you can climb and breath at the same time, I encourage you to do it. If nothing else stop and get your photo taken near Babe the Big Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan, and maybe patronize the gift shop, the ladies that work there were so friendly and welcoming. All in all, this is a place that I enjoyed and could visit over and over. I hope you get the chance to go someday, and that you enjoy the photos I am sharing.


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