Michigan In September

Hello Again Dear Reader,

It has been a very long time. I just returned from a trip up North to visit family and friends….as always I loved seeing everyone, but hate the eventual goodbyes. Regardless, though my time was very much spoken for with traveling and other activities, I still had the chance to sight-see and take a few interesting photos. These were taken in St. Ignace Michigan, a small lake side city, just the other side of the Mackinaw Bridge.

IMG_7643This town is something right out of a Norman Rockwell Photo. There is a beautiful Lighthouse right in the middle of town, IMG_7670 surrounded by hillside houses and picturesque churches. IMG_7671

I enjoyed my time here very much and even thought, if I did not have such an aversion to the bitter cold, I could die here. But I cannot even imagine the cold wind that blows off the great lakes here…it was September and the temperature was in the high 40’s, very brisk for this Florida girl. IMG_7661

I could have spent hours trying to photograph the city, the lighthouse, which is directly across from Mackinaw Island, the crystal clear waters, but the sun was fading fast and it was getting colder. So I focused on what I could see and hoped I could capture how beautiful this little city was to me. So as always, enjoy!


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