It’s Wednesday—- What Can I say?

Hello Again Dear Reader,

     Much has happened since I last posted. Independence day has come and gone, and I have had a few family and personal emergencies to attend to. It really is a pity that life never gives us a heads up, before pulling the rug out from under us. But “Such is life” as my father always said..

     I do hope that you all had a safe and memorable holiday. It was a good day for me.  Full of many things to photograph. And although I did not come home with a million photographs of actual fireworks, I did spend a leisurely day out and about exploring new places.

     This day my companion and I chose a state park that borders the ocean and inlet to the Indian river. I always enjoy spending time watching the various boats that pass through the inlet, as well as taking in the sights and sounds native to this area. One sail-boat in particular piqued my interest, as it reminded me of a video game I like to play. For anyone actually interested, BioShock Infinite and Songbird is what it reads (pictured below). I love how witty and creative boat owners are, it is one of the best things about boat watching.


     Besides the constant passing in and out of watercraft through the inlet, walking through the state park recreational area is just as enjoyable. There are many areas on the beach and littered around the park that family and friends can gather. The park has many pavilions, and bar-b-q sites, for those wanting to spend the day, or you can just take a rest under any one of the sea grape, or palm trees that line the inlet shoreline.  This side of the inlet, the Jetty is on the opposite side, is almost identical in that you can access both the ocean and the inlet from the park.

     This day our journey started up a pole studded path, that opened up onto a nice, white sandy beach.


Waiting for The Wave
Waiting for The Wave

     There are always surfers, waiting for any wave; sunbathers, fisherman, and just families enjoying the sunshine and water here. I found plenty to photograph in the park, and would really enjoy visiting this particular area again.

     We spent most of our time, as I said on the inlet side, watching the boats zoom in and out.  Mainly out, as once inside the inlet, signs warn boaters to slow down as Manatee frequent this area. All in all a good day. So as always, I hope you enjoy.


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