Happy Hump Day! — The Beginning of What I Saw Today

Well my friends…we have made it to Wednesday, and for that I am truly thankful. I know that I am supposed to be posting Colorado photos, but I had an epiphany, mostly borrowed from my Facebook page. I want to start a new blog series called What I Saw Today.

     You may wonder what has prompted this new-old idea, its called Gurushots.com: Live photo challenges. I really like this site, not just because it is photographers voting and judging other photographers’ work…..but because the skill focused challenges really do help highlight and hone each photographers skills. I know it is helping me learn the lingo and more importantly the abilities and limits of myself and my equipment. Most days scrolling through my fellow photographers submitted photos I could only dream of creating photos as stunning and awe inspiring, but I have always heard use what you have, and that is what I am doing. Lucky you! So here is what I saw today, and what you have to look forward to.

First I came across my neighbors cat exciting the squirrels in the trees. This ferocious Jungle Cat quickly turned into playful kitten when I tried to lure him away from the restless natives.

    The next thing I saw was these beautiful flowers from A Royal Poinciana tree, also known as Flame of the forest. The red spindly petals against the green immediately caught my eye.

This Terracotta fish was found laying among some neglected brush, even it looks good in the morning sun under the Poinciana canopy.

In the early morning light even the wilting gardenias are just as beautiful today as yesterday. I also managed to get a nice morning shot of a small spider web attached to one of the browning buds. Digging around in the brush I managed to find a few small unidentified bugs and quite a few Zebra Long-winged Butterflies. I love chasing butterflies and bugs. The vine with the white flowers is also still unknown. Cannot wait to show you what I see next, I hope you will come back occasionally and see. Enjoy!


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