Garden of The Gods

Hello Again Dear Reader,
     One of the most beautiful places I have visited in Colorado is the Garden of The Gods. This scenic and awe inspiring recreational area- free to the public, as declared by the family of its founder Charles Elliott Perkins, is a must-see for anyone traveling in this part of the country. There are dozens of mammoth rock formations that seem to literally grow from the Earth. While walking through the public paths, you can see many types of wildlife…deer and birds in particular. I managed to snap quite a few photos of free roaming deer and birds perched and nesting everywhere.
     I could have spent days and days photographing this beautiful place and wish that I had more time to do so, but my companions and I hoped to get in a few more sights, before The Garden closed for the day.
     If you should ever get a chance to visit Garden of the Gods,  I was there in February, make sure that you take comfortable shoes. Because although you can drive through the “Garden”, it is much more enjoyable if you leisurely stroll through this beautiful and wondrous place. Enjoy! (This post can also be viewed in the above pages tab).

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